Tamawal Platform is an automated solution for web and app where Retail users apply for offers and track their order processes all through one single platform.

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Tamawal Business is a platform where corporate users can apply for schemes provided by Financial and banking institutions where they can receive pre- approved leads vaerified by Tamawal operations based on their customised criteria and Tamawal's order priority policy.

A type of our Retail Financing products, directed to individuals with financial needs. This product offers a solution based on the individual's personal information and income details.

Our platform offers an innovative financial solutions that provides secure banking services tailored to our client's needs, by offering products from trusted banks and financial providers. Currently Tamawal is on the process of getting licensed by SAMA.

Some offers comply with shariah. You can display those offers by choosing shariah compliance, to filter search results in the Shemes or Offers page.

You can either register through our website or mobile application.

You can easily register by phone number using OTP and an instant account will be created.

You can request to become a partner at Tamawal by Going to Partner Programme Page.

A loan offer granted to our SME clients by our financing partners, aimed to satisfy the SME projects under their facility.

Yes you can! by choosing the appropriate scheme a credit card product will be available to you.

Yes you can! After registering on Tamawal's platform, you can access the search page from your personal dashboard. The search page will display offers tailored to your personal information and income details, where you can choose the best offer that suits your needs.

For new customers, you can easily apply for a loan through our Quick Apply form in the homepage. For registered customers, you can apply for a loan through your personal dashboard.

After registration, Tamawal will display a variety of offers in the search page based on the information entered on your account, where you can view and compare the offers to choose what suits your needs the best.

In order to provide a satisfied experience and assist you in the best way possible, it would be mandatory to provide us with your personal information.

Tamawal ensures your data is secured and handled with highest protection policy, In addition, Tamawal will need your permission in order to share your information to apply for the offers provided. For any concerns or inquires, please feel free to contact us through. our email or contact number.

Tamawal has many partnerships with selected banks and financial institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; all are authorized by SAMA.

For any concerns or inquires, please feel free to contact us through our email or contact number.